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Wedding dance lessons – do you really need them?

Congratulations! You’re engaged! You’ve just proposed to, or said YES to, the love of your life. Get ready for some exciting times ahead friend.

Whether you’ve got 6 weeks, 6 months, or a year to organise your wedding, there will be ups and downs during this time of preparation. One of the topics up for discussion will be the wedding dance. Some people choose to cut this moment out of their wedding, and really, that’s up to the both of you to decide. However, if you BOTH decide to have a wedding dance, the next step is the planning and preparation.

Now, whether you choose to ‘wing it’ or have a choreographed dance unless you’re both quite well-practiced in partner dancing, wedding dance lessons are a good idea. And we’re not saying that just because we happen to love teaching wedding dance couples. We’re also saying that from experience.

You don’t just learn steps 

You don’t just learn steps in your wedding dance lessons. With the help of great wedding dance teachers, you will learn to lead your future wife with confidence. You will learn to follow your future husband with trust. You will learn to work together as a team – to listen to why your partner is not confident leading or following a step; to figure out how to make the step work.

We understand that stepping into a dance studio can be a daunting experience for anyone. But we guarantee, winging a wedding dance in front of all your friends and family, with no preparation, will be far more daunting. Especially since your first dance will probably be one of the most photographed moments of your special day.

Wedding dance lessons teach more than just steps


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