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Andrea & Ewan’s Wedding Dance

24 September 2016 | Wattle Park Chalet, Victoria

Bringing back the art of the wedding dance

From growing the flowers for their wedding in Andie’s mum’s garden to kitting out the bridal party in Converse, it was clear that this couple were all about good preparation and personalising their day to reflect their personalities. Meeting first through friends of friends, Andie and Ewan had an established friendship by the time they (finally) started dating and (finally) tied the knot.

Wedding song: (Let’s Start) Tomorrow Tonight

Andie and Ewan found their wedding song by chance one night while listening to the SMASH soundtrack. They didn’t find anything they connected with looking at lists of ‘best wedding songs’. And earlier shortlisted songs, ‘Tale as old as time’ and ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, had been vetoed by family members. But when they heard the lyrics to the winning song, they knew this was IT.

Wedding dance lessons: 8

With parents who love ballroom dancing, Andie grew up with a love of dancing. Ewan always knew that a wedding dance was definitely part of this package! “I always knew this was something that was important to Andie, so I wanted to do it for her. But I’ve got two left feet. I said yes to the wedding dance lessons because I thought if I’m going to do this, I’m going to try to be good at it! David and Teri’s energy and passion made the rehearsal sessions fun and inviting, and never made me feel like the incompetent dancer I really am.”

The couple wanted a unique wedding dance that suited their own personal style for their special day. With a great attitude and commitment to learning, Ewan was able to overcome his initial fears. Practice was a key part of this. The couple practiced once a week initially. As the wedding drew closer, they increased practicing up to three times a week.

The moment

For the couple, the wedding dance lessons and the practice time they put in were invaluable. For Ewan, he was able to focus on the moment – “All I was thinking was, she’s my wife now. I didn’t have to think about counting or what I had to do.” And it didn’t just FEEL good to the couple. It LOOKED good too. “We had all these old Italians coming up to us saying we did so well. One of our guests said they had been to so many weddings and thought the art of the wedding dance had been lost, but they saw it in our wedding dance. People came up to Ewan saying, ‘we didn’t know you could dance!’.”

Words of wisdom

Bride’s Advice: “Have an idea of who you are as a couple and the story you want your wedding dance to tell. Everyone will have an opinion of what your wedding should be, but you have to stay true to yourselves.”

Groom’s Advice: “You don’t have to make it flashy to make it look good – make it about the two of you. Try to enjoy the moment.”

Andie and Ewan, it was great that we could be part of your special day, and we are thrilled that you identified nailing your bridal dance as being the most special moment in terms of feeling connected as a couple. With teamwork like yours, we’re sure you’ll be dusting off your dancing shoes for your gold wedding anniversary!


Photography BIBO Photography

Venue Wattle Park Chalet, Surrey Hills, Victoria


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