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Your Journey
Your Practice

Your Practice

Wait. There’s homework in dancing? Is this something I have to do? Will I fail if I don’t? And what exactly am I meant to do? How am I even going to know what to do?

If these are the some of the thoughts crossing your mind, CALM DOWN. This is not about passing or failing or having to do anything. THIS IS ABOUT YOU.

Practice is essential for practically everything in life. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we’re practicing, because we just HAVE to do it. Think of things like learning to walk, to speak, to tie your shoes. It was through constantly doing them that we learnt how to do them, what we were doing wrong, how we could do it better, and were able to master them. Once the basics were mastered, we could then move on to the next level – running, learning another language, tying various other knots.

Often when we’re learning something new, we won’t catch every single concept or tip the first time it’s taught. With our class videos, checklist and tips sent to your nominated inbox after every class, you get the opportunity to play, rewind, and replay anything, catch what you’ve missed or forgotten, and get some advice on designing your own personal practice.

The intention of a personal practice is to help you grow exponentially – in leaps and bounds! How? By:

  • increasing your knowledge of what you are learning
  • refining and building on what you already know
  • helping you discover if you’re doing something incorrectly
  • strengthening the muscles you use for dancing – not the same ones we use for sitting all day!

Practice makes things possible. Practice is the difference between good and great. Practice never goes unnoticed for long. When you practice consistently at something, it shows. Practice will take you beyond what you first thought possible for anyone willing to commit the time and effort.

about-qualityAnd remember, we’re here to guide you along the way.