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Wet Feet

Get your feet wet


So, you’ve decided to get your feet wet? Welcome to level 1 – rest assured, you are in safe hands!Our courses provide progressive learning using a structured syllabus that together, are more effective in helping you to retain what you learn. The way this works is that in class 1 of level 1, we teach you the basics. In class 2 we do a quick revision of what you learnt in the previous class and “clean up” anything that you are unsure about that. Then, we teach you the next part of the syllabus. This pattern of revising and learning something new occurs for the entire 8 class course.

Did we mention that you will be learning in a personalised environment, with limited student numbers? We recognise how important our surroundings are to learning – being able to see and hear clearly everything that is being taught; and having the confidence to ask questions.

In addition, to support your personal dance practice, we provide resources and opportunities for you to monitor and obtain feedback on your own progress. Find out more about your personal dance practice here.

This combined group coaching and personal dance practice approach means you can have fun and take ownership of your dance journey at the same time.

How long does a course run for?

At Momenta, our level 1 courses run as an 8 class commitment. Having taught for a number of different schools throughout Melbourne, we have discovered that courses, as opposed to casual classes are the best way to help you progress in your dance journey.

We provide two course options:

  • 1 class per week for 8 weeks – this is the standard course commitment.
  • 2 classes per week for 4 weeks – for those of you wishing to ‘express’ your learning, we offer the same quality and content of teaching in the same number of classes over 3 weeks. This is ideal for those of who are keen and able to commit to coming twice a week for 4 weeks.