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What Do We Teach
Rueda de Casino

What is Rueda de Casino?

In the late 1950s, a popular dance started being seen in some of the ex-gambling casinos of Cuba that had turned into dance halls. At the beginning, people kept calling the dance halls casinos and as a result, the type of dance there was called Casino.

Unlike other styles of salsa, where you dance with one person, Rueda de Casino is danced with a group of people in a circle (“rueda” means “wheel” in Spanish), making it an incredible salsa experience. A leader calls out or signals different movements or steps that lead dancers to a change of partners. There are reportedly more than 150 moves that can be called in a rueda! Some of the calls change from country to country, or group to group, depending on where you are. As few as two couples can dance Rueda de Casino, but also as large as a space can hold. Sometimes as many as fifty couples dance the Rueda, even in circles within circles!

What it looks like!

What will I learn in the class?

In our classes, you will progressively learn the various steps that can be “called” or signalled in a Rueda, as well as how to recognise the calls and / or signals. We will also teach you the skills to be great dance leaders and dance followers. To provide you with a personalised learning environment to achieve your dancing goals, enrolling in one of our courses also means you get access to supporting resources to help you progress your journey anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

If you’re looking for a more communal form of salsa, and a Spanish lesson or two, then this style is for you!

Find out more about your learning journey here.

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